How to play slots online – tips and tricks

Playing to win online slots is actually fun, especially when you hit the jackpot -players always hunt for secrets and tips on how to win online slots while aiming to win big. Many players have made online slots seem to be the simplest form of online gambling, but this is not actually true. In order to be able to win real money playing slots online, you need to know the strategy.

You are expected to think strategically, check probabilities and make sure you know much on how to win money on online slots. Online slot machines can be explained to be online casino gambling machine which normally consists of three or more reels which spin randomly whenever a button is pushed or when the spinner is rolled.

There are actually various ways to win real money playing slots online: it can be in form of a solo player playing win money online slot machine (which requires deposits), also there are various other online slot machines that require no deposit; you can engage in solo free online slots win real money or free online slot tournaments to win real money. All these require the right strategies to hit jackpots and win big.

Tips and secrets on how to play slots online

Just like any other game, there are secrets and tips on how to win money online slot machines. Some online slots come with accrued bonuses as a reward for player’s luck. These tips will help players hit jackpot and win big on online slots.

  • Check out for online tournaments: Be it free spins or slot bonuses; Online casinos are trying to engage its users with the intention that you sign up! You should take advantage of free online slot tournaments win real money opportunities.
  • Take advantages of free online slots win real money opportunities. This is one of the secrets on how to play slots online and win, take advantage of the no deposit bonuses and free spins and win big.
  • Take advantage of special casino bonus offers.
  • Before playing a game check the pay table to know which of the pays most.
  • Look for slots that are loose or have a slight glitch


Strategies on how to win online slots

  1. Measure the volatility of the machine.
  2. Take Advantage of free spins and no deposit bonuses.
  3. Don’t play the obvious options.
  4. Avoid online slots that are branded

Measure the volatility of the machine:


The volatility of slots is basically classified into low volatility and high volatility example of the former is “Hotline” while for the latter we have “King of Atlantis”. Hitting Jackpot with low volatile slots is easier than with the high volatile ones.

Volatility is a measure of risk. With high volatility, it’s harder to win but rewards are bigger which these are opposite of low volatility slots.

Don’t play the obvious options

“Himalayas: Roof of the world” is an example of a slot with obvious options. Online casinos still want your money no matter how enticing their offer might be. On how to play slots and win don’t go for the obvious options.

Avoid branded online slots

Examples include “Wizard of Oz”, “Family Guy”, “Game of Thrones”. Owner of those online slots paid huge money to get those brand names, so you are there to make their huge investment worth it.

They try to appease your psychology to give you what you want. On how to win online slots, always avoid branded online slots.

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